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We will provide a thorough exam before deciding to replace your unit. If needed, our skilled technicians have been trained to install the highest rated appliances.


Not only will we keep everything running at full capacity but we will offer insight on what you can do to keep your unit maintained between visits.

Other HVAC Services In Sparta, TN - Flatt’s Heating & AC

Air Quality

Avoid common household allergens with a scheduled duct cleaning, filter replacements, and damper adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you cannot find an answer to your question.

You will receive a written scope of your project, including what permits will be required, a basic timeline, and whatever open questions remain for you to decide on before we can begin.


You should have your systems serviced right before each cooling and heating season starts.


Add some attic ventilation! This will reduce moisture and lower your cooling costs.