HVAC Maintenance Plan In Sparta, TN


Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance is important for every HVAC system. Staying up to date with maintenance on an HVAC system is comparable to keeping a vehicle serviced. Many manufacturers void warranties if an HVAC unit is not properly or regularly serviced. Therefore, having your HVAC system regularly maintained is crucial for the life and efficiency of your system.

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Does Your Unit Look Like This? It's Time To Clean Your System And Have A Maintenance Check.

The indoor air can sometimes be more polluted than the outdoor air. A typical unit should be cleaned two times a year, and your indoor filters should be changed once a month. We are here to serve you! To schedule your cleaning give us a call or follow prompts on the Contact Us section.

HVAC Maintenance Plan In Sparta, TN - Flatt’s Heating & AC
Flatt’s Heating & AC

Maintaining a clean unit will not only provide you and your family with comfort but also provide…

  • Protection of internal components.
  • Savings on energy bills.
  • An increase in indoor air quality.
  • The elimination of dust, debris, toxins, and other air pollutants that could be circulating due to a neglected unit.
  • A healthy living environment.
  • Reduced symptoms from allergens and asthma.
  • A prolonged life to your HVAC unit.


Issues with an HVAC are no fun in trying to solve on your own. Our professional team is equipped and prepared to solve problems and correct them. As part of our services at Flatt’s Heating & AC, we are capable of providing maintenance and solutions for the following:

  • Testing through systems and all system functions
  • Refrigeration pressures
  • Air temperatures
  • Delta ∆
  • Amps
  • Capacitors
  • Burners and heating tune-up
  • Ductwork
  • Gas pressures and heating tune-up
  • Safety switches and cooling tune-up
  • Drain lines
  • Humidity and cooling tune-up
  • Cleaning systems
  • Testing CFMs

We agree to provide you with complete factory precision tuneups and professional cleaning either semi-annually or quarterly, as described below for your Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment.

Technical Performance Tune-Up Procedures:

  • Clean & Check Condensing Coil
  • Test Operating Pressures
  • Test Starting Capabilities
  • Test and Adjust Blower
  • Components
  • Test and Check Safety Controls
  • Clean Filters
  • Clean Condensate Drain
  • Test Voltage of Motors
  • Test AMP Draws on Motors
  • Lubricate Necessary Moving Parts
  • Calibrate Thermostat
  • Check for Proper Air Flow
  • Measure Temperature Difference
  • Check Expansion Valve
  • Clean Evaporator Coil (if accessible)
  • Test in Heat Cycle
  • Inspect Heat Exchanger

Additional Benefits:

  • 1st Priority Service
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Extended Equipment Life
  • Pan Treatment
  • Agreement is Transferable
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • No OVERTIME rate year-round
  • Discount on Repairs, Parts, & Labor

In addition to the above-listed services, we will provide you with emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through our on-call service technicians. It is our intention to provide exceptional service to keep your system in good repair and operating condition.
Cleaning Regular Price $100.00